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If your Apple Device shows the "Activation Lock" screen, it means that it is locked to the Apple ID account. Our service will help permanently remove this account so device will be as a new and without any locks.
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Removes current Apple ID account from device
After the unlocking process your device will be like a new, so all functions will be available.
Supports all latest iPhones/iPads/iPods and Apple Watches.

Important to know
Method is iCloud Activation Lock solution that helps you to unlock your device and use it like a new. Method contains tool and instructions with steps you need to perform to unlock device. Steps are easy and don't require any special skills. Furthermore, you get full support from us and help for any issue you have.

Method will work only after using instructions, that you get with unlocking solution! Otherwise it won't help you.

Do you have the following screens?
We can help you to resolve this issue in under 3 days - from $20!
Simply use our iCloud Activation Lock Removal Method

The Activation Lock is permanently deleted and previous owner's iCloud account is removed from your device, so you can activate and set up the device as normal.

How it works
Find your device IMEI or Serial number
The IMEI is a 14-digit number and the Serial number is a 12-alphanumeric code used to uniquely identify your mobile from any other device.
Select a model and enter your details
Once you have entered your details and placed order, we check data of your device and contact you to approve that your device can be really unlocked. Then you make payment and we start unlocking process.
We process your iCloud unlock
Usually within 24-72 hours we'll have your Activation Lock permanently removed from your Apple device.
You'll be able to access the Apple device and use it as normal - including restarting, updating and factory resetting. All functions including Apple ID and iCloud will be available.
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  • Kanu Cool
    Very gud service fully icloud unlock with in 5 days.....
  • Shade Akindele
    Awesome fast unlocking service method. Got my iPad unlocked in less then 3 days.
  • Tom Nguyen
    After 4 months of trying to unlock my iPhone 6 myself, I finally got it unlocked! Thanks to this awesome method!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
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